Wholesale Fashion Jewelry in Murano Glass,
Crystal, Porcelain, and Perfume Miniatures

Fashion jewelry has long been a means of expressing one's personality and enhancing any outfit, thanks to various materials such as Murano glass, crystal, and porcelain. With Trior Bijoux, explore a captivating world of fashion jewelry in Murano glass, crystal, and our perfume miniatures to expand the range of products in your store.

To offer Trior jewelry in your store, you can register as a professional to obtain advantageous rates tailored to resellers.

How to Register with Trior Bijoux?

To benefit from our rates and conditions for professionals & resellers, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up on this page by providing all your details and supplying your company name and SIRET number (indispensable for validating your access to professional rates).
  2. Send us an email at Boutique@Triorbijoux.Com, or call us at +33(0)1 42 78 00 06 to inform us of your registration.
  3. After our validation, during your subsequent visits to the site, log in with your credentials to benefit from the pricing conditions applied to your account.

Murano Glass: An Ancient Art

Originating from the island of Murano, near Venice in Italy, Murano glass is an age-old craft that combines innovative design with ancient craftsmanship. Each Murano glass jewel is a globally recognized work of art for its exceptional quality and unique aesthetics, handcrafted by experienced artisans.

Diversity of Shapes, Colors, and Styles

Murano glass jewelry comes in a multitude of shapes and colors, whether for rings, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. As a reseller, you will easily find unique pieces that perfectly complement your clients' style.

Crystal: Timeless Brilliance and Purity

Crystal, used for centuries to illuminate prestigious salons, is also a preferred choice for fashion jewelry. With its brilliance, transparency, and durability, crystal offers beautiful finishes for all types of jewelry.

Original Creations

Crystal jewelry, crafted using traditional cutting and polishing techniques, reveals surprising facets. Each shape, whether round, square, oval, or spiral, gives rise to a singular creation that adds an elegant touch to your clients' outfits.

Luxurious yet Affordable

Opting for fashion jewelry in crystal means choosing elegant accessories that reflect light and offer a sparkling effect without breaking the bank. As a reseller, our wide selection of shapes and colors will help you find the perfect piece for every occasion.

Porcelain: Delicacy and Refinement

Porcelain, derived from refractory ceramics, is used to create fashion jewelry with subtle colors and a velvety touch. Despite its delicacy, porcelain offers remarkable strength and imparts a refined look to each piece.

A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Inspired by ancient Asian techniques, porcelain can be used to create jewelry inspired by Indian, Chinese, or Japanese cultures. This combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern design gives rise to unique and refined creations perfect for clients seeking distinguished elegance.

Perfume Miniatures: A Touch of Elegance

To complement your jewelry collection and add a romantic touch to your daily life, perfume miniatures are ideal. Their delicate charm evokes a dreamlike world, blending rare essences, precious bottles, and tender memories. As a reseller, attract collectors of miniaturized perfume bottles (lécythiophiles) to your store by offering our creations.

Why Choose Trior Bijoux?

As a professional, enjoy numerous advantages reserved for resellers by registering with Trior Bijoux:

  • Competitive Prices: Benefit from year-round discounts, with a 30% discount on the entire store for professionals.
  • Wide Selection: Discover a diverse selection of Murano glass, crystal, porcelain, and perfume miniature jewelry to enrich your collection.
  • Quality Products: We guarantee the quality of our products for your complete satisfaction.
  • Trend Monitoring: Stay at the forefront of fashion with our regularly updated new creations.

Explore our universe now and find priceless treasures to complement your fashion jewelry collection distributed in your store.